Belt bag Artis AV-2026


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A bum bag by Bal Designs, handmade from a broken basketball. Each of the design pieces is a unique item, creating a modern and individual look.

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Leather basketball
Artis – strong, sporty and unmistakable – always leaving a lasting impression.
The new belt bag made of basketball by Bal Designs allows you to store your essentials securely – always ready at hand. The adjustable strap and buckle fastener can be adapted to your size and offer you an individual fit. Besides the main compartment, which has a zip, the second inside pocket is ideally suited to organise everything properly in your new belt bag.
The modern and, at the same time, timeless design is suitable for men, as well as for women, and gives a style statement that speaks for itself. Each of the Bal Designs cases is a unique item, tells its own story, and is handmade with care. As a material, the rough leather provides the ideal basis for the pouch, which takes the shape of the ball and thus sits elegantly in your hand. At the same time, it creates a protective space, which together with the tough and durable material keeps its content safe.
Initially developed for games on hard concrete and under all weather conditions, the ball is also perfect for protecting the wallet, which as a result won’t be damaged by dirt, scratches, or water splashes. Whether as a belt bag, clutch or pencil case– your case by Bal Designs is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher every day.
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22 x 15 cm (approx.)


Leather basketball (Spalding)
This Bal Designs wallet was made from a used basketball, which gives it its distinctive unique feature. The material is cleaned and then processed with care.

Sometimes the bag can differ slightly from the product photo. You will receive a wallet that is made from the same basketball.

This Bal Designs bag is a unique item.

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