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A wallet by Bal Designs, handmade from a broken basketball. Each of the design pieces is a unique item, creating a modern and individual look.

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Raketa (Lithuanian for rocket) is the most popular wallet of the Bal Designs family. Thanks to its long, rocket shape, giving it its name, this is the most suitable case for writing utensils. It measures approx. 24 x 12 cm (exterior measurements) and offers enough room for fountain pens, pens, and sharpeners, as well as for other items such as reading glasses or keys.

The modern yet timeless style is suitable for both men and women and creates a new and casual, yet at the same time striking style. Each of the Bal Designs cases is a unique item, tells its own story, and is handmade with care.

The pouch creates a protective space, which together with the tough and durable material keeps its content safe. Initially developed for games on hard concrete and under all weather conditions, the ball is also perfect for protecting the wallet, which as a result won’t be damaged by dirt, scratches, or water splashes.

Whether as a wallet, clutch, pencil case, or toilet bag – your case by Bal Designs is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher every day.

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